IPA Awards Contest Rules

This promotional contest is organised and supported by Easyfairs Iberia, S.L.U. (hereinafter, Easyfairs) with registered office at Calle Edgar Neville 27, 2nd floor, 28020 Madrid with Spanish C.I.F. B-85454700 and registered in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid on Volume 25.714, Folio 113, Section 8, Page M - 463481.

Easyfairs is organising a contest for promotional purposes on a national and international basis (hereinafter, the Contest or the Promotion) to be conducted through the internet. Participation is open to any packaging or PLV project created during 2016 and 2017 by exhibitors attending to Packaging Innovations trade show, and non-exhibitors showing interest in the Contest, who must be over 18 (hereinafter, the Participants).

The contest will begin on 5 June 2017 and will end on 15 October 2017.

Notwithstanding the above, Easyfairs reserves the right to change the Contest dates at its own discretion.

Participants must register on www.ipaawards.com (hereinafter, the Website) and complete the form with the required data: first and last name, e-amail address, corporate name of the Company, telephone number, name and description of the Project, bank details.

Once registration is completed, an e-mail will be automatically sent to the address provided by the Participant for confirmation of his/her participation in the Promotion.

After registration for the contest, the Participant may elect to participate in any of the following categories:
  1. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN BEVERAGE PACKAGING: rewarding the most innovative beverage packaging for its usability, materials or brand awareness.
  2. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN FOOD PACKAGING: rewarding the most innovative food packaging for its usability, materials or brand awareness.
  3. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN PERFUME/COSMETIC PACKAGING: rewarding the most innovative perfume/cosmetic packaging for its usability, materials or brand awareness.
  4. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN PACKAGING, MISCELLANEOUS: rewarding the most innovative packaging, not related to food, beverage or perfume/cosmetic, for its usability, materials or brand awareness.
  5. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN LABEL/SLEEVE: rewarding the most innovative label for its technology or best corporate practice, achieving a better positioning and brand awareness.
  6. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN PLV (POS terminal): rewarding its brand awareness, ease of use and transport.
  7. IPA AWARD IN SUSTAINABILITY: rewarding the use of material, machinery, packing, packaging or label attesting innovation in sustainability.
The Participant may register for as many different categories as wished, if applicable fees are paid for each application. Applicable fee for each submission:
  1. 40€ (plus VAT) for each category/Project submission by 15 September.
  2. 75€ (PLUS vat) for each category/Project submission after 16 September.
  3. In case two projects are registered, a third candidacy is complimentary.

The Participant may, at his/her own discretion, attach images to his/her project, provided that no logos or other references to the author are shown on any submitted photographs, except where the project is based on self-promotion. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from the contest.

The deadline for submissions is 15 October 2017. Entries not submitted by the above date will be disregarded, as well as any entries which do not supply all the requested data and requirements.

A physical sample of every registered Project must be sent for its evaluation by the jury. Samples must be sent from 10 July 2017 until 15 October 2017, from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm, shipping prepaid, appropriately packed and protected, with indication of the sender’s details on the parcel. In addition, the Participant must include a copy of the register confirmation for the contest.

Samples must be sent to the following address: IPA Awards, Oficinas Easyfairs, C/ Edgar Neville, 27, 2nd floor, 28020 Madrid – España.

The works received will not be returned, except at the express request (demand to do no later than 15 October 2017) and expense of the participants, to the following e-mail address: premios@easyfairs.com. Upon receipt of the request, EASYFAIRS will inform the Participant of the date and timeframe when his/her project can be collected.

Upon expiration of the deadline for submission of projects, the Inspirational Packaging Awards 2017 jury, consisted of professionals and experts of the packaging industry, will assess all the projects submitted by the Participants and will select up to three finalists and a winner for each category, though any of these categories may be declared void under jury criteria.

List of 2017 Jury members:
  1. Lluís Torra, President at Club Marketing Barcelona.
  2. Vinçent Marco, CEO and Creative Director at Vincenç Marco Brand Design.
  3. Leyre Gutierrez, Packaging Director at Imaginarium.
  4. Lorena Torres, Art Director at News Packaging.
  5. Sergio Giménez, Business Manager at AIMPLAS.
  6. Mariano Lesser, member of the board at ADP.
  7. Antonio Monsalve, Marketing Manager at ITENE.

The jury will assess projects impartially, they will not be related to any of them by any mean. Innovation in production, use, ease of handling, originality and creativity, industrial & graphic design, ergonomy, material waste reduction, recycling and environmental sustainability will be taken in consideration.

The three finalists and the winner will be informed of their condition by personal notice sent to the e-mail address provided by each of them when completing the entry form on the Website.

EASYFAIRS will verify that the authors of the winning and finalist projects have complied with the requirements to participate in the Contest. The organizers will not answer any phone calls nor will reply to any verbal or written enquiries about the Contest.

The finalists and winners will be awarded with:
  1. A commemorative trophy of the contest (only for winners).
  2. A commemorative certificate.
  3. Mention in the organiser’s press releases.
  4. Permission to use the Awards official logo, indicating year and award obtained.
  5. Presence onsite in PACKAGING INNOVATIONS of the winning projects during the two days of the show, 7 & 8 November 2017.

Should any of the Winners may not be reached or contacted within three calendar days from the date of the contest, the prize will be given second finalist and the Winner will be deemed to have irrevocably waived the prize. In the event that the runner-up cannot be reached within a further period of three calendar days, the prize will be given to the project which was ranked third. If the second runner-up cannot be notified either, the prize will remain void.

The names of the Winners will be announced in the awards ceremony which will be held on 8 November 2017, in Packaging Innovations Madrid 2017 (hall 10 Feria de Madrid).

Participation in the contest is prohibited to the following individuals and their respective spouses, parents, daughters/ sons and grandchildren: (i) self-employed workers engaged by any company or incorporated body associated to EASYFAIRS; (ii) any individual having an interest, either directly or indirectly, in the share capital of EASYFAIRS, (iii) any individual who has participated, either directly or indirectly, in the organization of this Contest or involved, either directly or indirectly, in its preparation or development (agencies, suppliers, etc.).

If there is evidence that a Winner does not comply with the requirements set forth in these Rules, or the details provided by him/her when registrating are not valid, or any evidence requested from him/her is not provided by him/her, his/her entry will be deemed null and void and he/she will be automatically excluded from the Promotion and will forfeit any entitlement to the prizes awarded in this Contest.

The prizes awarded hereunder are not transferrable, are not subject to changes, alterations or set-offs upon request by the participants, and may not be replaced by any other product nor be cashed.

EASYFAIRS reserves the right, based on reasonable and lawful grounds and prior notice as required by law, to change, suspend or extend this promotion in any manner whatsoever.

Any claim resulting from this promotion must be made within FIFTEEN (15) days from the date when the prize was awarded. EASYFAIRS reserves, if required, the right to substitute the prizes with other prizes of a similar nature.

EASYFAIRS shall not be responsible for the use made by the Winners of the prizes given hereunder, and shall not be held liable for any damages or losses whatsoever which may be suffered by the Participants, the Winners or third parties.

Any taxes resulting from the acceptance of a prize shall be borne by the Winner, as well as any other expenses arising from the promotion which are not expressly assumed by EASYFAIRS under these Rules.

In no event shall EASYFAIRS be responsible for the services rendered by any other company with which EASYFAIRS may co-operate for the provision of services to the Winners as a result of the prizes delivered hereunder, nor for the results of a negligent conduct by the recipient of such services.

EASYFAIRS assumes no responsibility for any Force Majeure or fortuitous events which might prevent the conduct of the contest or the full or partial enjoyment of the prizes. In the event that this Promotion cannot be carried out, either as a result of fraud being identified therein, or technical errors, or any other reasons not under the control of EASYFAIRS which prevent the Promotion to be conducted normally, EASYFAIRS reserves the right to cancel, amend or suspend it, including the Registration website.

Any Participant who takes part in this Contest undertakes to give to EASYFAIRS a Publishing licence whereby EASYFAIRS will be authorized to publish the Participant’s projects and any contents – either images or videos – incorporated in it (hereinafter, the Contents) at no charge whatsoever, on a worldwide basis, with nor restriction or limitation whatsoever.

Therefore, by accepting these Rules the Participants expressly agree to provide to EASYFAIRS with a licence on the Contents of the Project, which shall include:
  • A right to reproduce and distribute the projects and their Contents on any audiovisual media whatsoever, hard copy, film, optic disk, etc., including for advertising purposes, and any other manner of graphic arts, by applying any technical processes or treatment modes (analogical, digital...) intended for the terminals of final users such as, inter alia, computers, mobile phones, digital tablets, etc., in any formats whatsoever; and in particular, the right to house, archive and host the “Participant’s contents” in the servers used by EASYFAIRS, as well as hard discs, RAM units, caches or any other formats.
  • The right to publicly disclose the projects and their Contents through their communication to the public via any dissemination modes and communication networks, specifically the Internet, Social Media and EASYFAIRS Websites.
  • The right to adapt the projects and the Contents sent by the Participants on all types of formats and presentations, including by the addition of any kinds of legends, copy or comments. This right includes the ability to touch up or edit the images sent by the Participants, specifically for printing purposes, or for any reasons related to their format, clarity and/or colour required for the uses described above.
Likewise, the Participant accepts that EASYFAIRS may use the projects and their Contents by quoting them and by associating them to their pseudonym or name in a Facebook account or other social media, or in its promotional, marketing and advertising activities.

This licence shall be valid in any other language, on a worldwide basis and in accordance with the European and Spanish laws and regulations.

The Participant expressly represents that any projects and Contents sent to EASYFAIRS are owned by him/her, or else the Participant has been authorized by the lawful owners or licensees of the contents, and no intellectual property rights of third-parties are infringed thereby, including the rights of EASYFAIRS partners, the rights of personality and honour of third-parties, or any other property rights of third- parties.

The Participant acknowledges to be aware that EASYFAIRS shall not be held liable for the business use or dissemination of the projects sent by the Participants on any media whatsoever.

Therefore, the Participants in this contest waive any claim to EASYFAIRS or any other company which might replace EASYFAIRS in the future.

EASYFAIRS is committed to the protection of your privacy and your personal data. Therefore, your personal data will be kept safely and be handled with the utmost care.

In accordance with the provisions of Spanish Organic Act 15/1999, of 11 December, on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter, the LOPD), and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, whereby the Regulations enforcing the LOPD were passed (hereinafter, the RLOPD), each Participant, by accepting these Rules, consents that his/her personal data provided by him/her to participate in this contest be included in a file controlled by EASYFAIRS. Such data shall be used to process his/her participation in the contest and for notice purposes should he/she become the Winner.

Also, please be advised that the Participants’ contact details – name, last name, e-mail address – will be used for the delivery of Newsletters and commercial and promotional communications related to EASYFAIRS services or future contests either by letter, telephone, e-mail, SMS/MMS, or other equivalent electronic means of communication, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD, Act 34/2002 of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, and Act 9/2014, of May 9, on Telecommunications.

The Participants guarantee that their personal data provided by them are true, and shall be responsible to notify to EASYFAIRS of any change in such data. EASYFAIRS reserves the right to exclude from this promotion any Participant where the data provided by him/her prove to be untrue. It is recommended that for the purposes of Data Protection, the utmost care is used by using security tools, and EASYFAIRS shall not be responsible for any unlawful processing, loss, or theft of data.

In accordance to LOPD, the Participant may exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation and objection to his/her data by sending a request, together with a copy of his/her ID Card, to EASYFAIRS IBERIA S.L.U. - Departamento LOPD – Calle Goya 22, 2o Derecha, 28001 Madrid, or by e-mail to the following address: comunicacion@easyfairs.com.

EASYFAIRS maintains the personal data protection standards as set forth by the LOPD and the RLOPD, and has established the required technical means available to it in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data supplied by the Participants within the scope of the Promotion. However, Participants must be advised that the Internet security measures are not invulnerable. EASYFAIRS undertakes to comply with is duty of secrecy and confidentiality with respect to the personal data contained in the automated file in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and to process any such data in a secure manner in any transfers, if any, of data.

EASYFAIRS reserves the right to amend or extend these Promotion Rules provided that the rights of the Participants in the Promotion are not hindered or damaged by such amendment or extension.

These Rules shall be construed and governed in accordance with the Spanish laws. Any dispute or controversy which might arise with respect to the validity, construction or enforcement of these Rules shall be submitted to the Courts of the city of Madrid.